I been a proud member of Arkansas Women Bloggers almost since the group existed. About one year ago I got to go to my first ARWB event, and had a blast meeting a sampling of the talented ladies that make up the group. Since then, and even before, I’ve been fighting the little blips of jealousy caused when weekend meet ups and conferences would be held. Working Saturdays makes the (incredibly reasonable) expense of those weekends a double whammy, a day off work paired with the cost of the event. Something always pushed them just out of reach of my savings.

I was determined to attend the weekend-long conference this year – somehow.

My somehow came in the form of incredible generosity from a woman whose name I don’t know. A fellow blogger volunteered to fund a scholarship for the registration fees of another member, and she choose me. I’m not ashamed to admit my first reaction was tears. I would have been at the conference regardless, but now I can go with a lightened load on my shoulders and an full heart thanks to this kindness.

Bloggers aren’t supposed to be at a loss for words, but I have been. Thank you, whomever you are. Thank you for this gift. As soon as I found out about it, I was determined to live up to it and pass on the kindness. I’d like you to know that a portion of the money I’d set aside for the conference went to buy school supplies for a friend’s son who started kindergarten today. Their apartment was broken into and has backpack and piggy bank were stolen. In a world where such appalling things happen, it’s reassuring to know that good things do too. You reminded my of that, and, in turn, I was able to remind him and his mother of that.

Thank you.