I’ve been a member of Arkansas Women Bloggers almost since it’s inception. It’s a great group. If I ever need a good read, I know just where to start my hunt. AWB has had a few in-person meet ups, but I have, unfortunately, not been able to attend any of them. I know, very sad, but I’m getting to the good part. I got a message from Stephanie at The Park Wife a few weeks ago about a meet-up combined with attending a cooking demonstration and garden tour held at one of my favorite areas in the state. Was I interested? Heck, yeah. By the time I got the official invite I was even more thrilled.

The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute generously gave the founders of Arkansas Women Bloggers a meeting place to brainstorm regarding the future of AWB. They also offered that crew, along with several of our food bloggers, a chance to attend a complimentary lunch and culinary demonstration with Chef Robert Hall. I grew up near Petit Jean Mountain where WRI is located, but had not been to the institute since junior high.

There were changes, that’s for sure, but I remember the same welcoming feeling that I’d experienced so many year before. It was an amazing day at a beautiful location with a charming group of people. Those days don’t come around too often.

I’ve decided to tell you about the experience in a series of posts. Check back with me over the next week or so (and hopefully beyond) and be inspired! I’m looking forward to sharing the experience.

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