Mom has had her fill of hot peppers for the year, so I did a little gleaning when I visited the parents this past week. The result was a few pints of Jalapeño-Cayenne Jelly. I used the Jalapeño Jelly recipe from the Ball Blue Book of Canning, including a few cayenne peppers for an extra kick. I also modified for use with powdered pectin and replaced a portion of the sugar with honey. (Translation: I bought the wrong pectin, thought I had more sugar than I did, and had already made an extra trip to the store because I didn’t have jar flats.)

A jar or two of this will, I’m sure, come to blanket a block of cream cheese and be gobbled up with crackers. It’ll make a nice glaze for roasted chicken. I think it wants to be part of a sti-fry sauce, like a sweet Sriracha.

I’ve decided I like fall canning. No hesitation about heating the kitchen and, of course, a much more pleasant time picking the produce. This jelly in particular makes me think of mums and fall leaves. Not bad for a first try.