Usually when I think about renewal, especially in the garden, I think about Spring. The fact is, however, that Fall is about renewal as well. Renewing the beds with clean up and compost. Renewing your plantings with those that will (hopefully) thrive in cooler weather. I like Fall in the garden, and I’m ready for it.

This year, I have to renew my mindset as well. This was a rough summer. Spring floods and Summer drought were hard on home gardeners and farmers alike. I can’t remember when I had such a disappointing year. You can water and water, but it still isn’t like getting a good rain.

We finally have gotten some rain lately, after two months without. My cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes were a dead loss at this point. My herbs and peppers have survived and should give me a fall crop. The newly planted asparagus seems to be faring well. New stalks are emerging. I lost my new strawberries. They just weren’t well enough established to handle what they went through. Mom’s are doing better. I’ll get some runner plants from her and begin again. Renewal.

My Spring garden was good. I’ll repeat what I can of it in the fall. Kale, for sure, will be planted. Green onions and, later, garlic will be replanted. Broccoli, lettuce, and carrots will probably figure into the mix.

I pulled my dead tomato plants today. Checked the compost’s progress. Spread some fertilizer in preparation for new plantings. That’s what gardeners do. We begin again. And again. And again. Renewal.