Three months ago I got lab results back from my doctor. Enclosed was a prescription for cholesterol medication. I ranted, I probably cried, and I finally decided that wasn’t going to happen. Not yet, at least. I talked to my doc’s nurse and got the okay to nix the prescription in favor of a high daily dose of over-the-counter omega 3’s. I started running more and harder. I added grains to my diet I’d never heard of. I perused the net and made a list of do’s and don’t’s. I consulted my list of “good” foods before most meals and packed in as many as I could. I also skipped runs, ate cupcakes, and made ice cream.

I knew whatever changes I made weren’t for the three months between blood tests. The were for life. And they were for LIFE. Yesterday, I had my next round of tests. Today, I walked 10k+ in order to calm my mind. Needles I can handle but waiting for those lab results drives me nuts. Whatever they say, it doesn’t stop there. May 7th I run a 5k. May 10th I start a boot camp. Hopefully, next March, I run a half marathon.

At thirty-one, I’m probably in the best shape of my life. I’m 34.5 pounds down from my highest weight. I’d hate to see the lab results from the tests I didn’t have done during the decade I ignored my health. Yesterday, I got an email from the dear friend who encouraged me to start running. “In a real turnabout fashion, you’re the one inspiring me to keep going because I see the great strides you’ve made and that all comes from sticking with it. I’d say we’re good for each other.”