No makeup except lip balm and sunshine

I‘m laughing at myself for writing a “Beauty Secrets” post because my approach to beauty is about as low maintenance as it gets – wear sunscreen, drink water, and smile. I have however recently made an addition to my skin care routine that I love, apricot oil. Cold, dry winter air and being in a heated house all day wreak havoc on my skin. After washing my face, I rub on a bit of apricot oil. It soaks in, mostly, in ten minutes or so and makes my skin look fresh and feel wonderful. I layer it with sunscreen, makeup, or night cream as needed. After my shower, I often use it all over. (It’s nice for dry, fly-away hair as well.) I’ve always considered my skin one of my best features, so I like to take good care of it. Also, the fewer “sins” you have to try to cover with makeup, the better you look!

(Thanks to Sarah at Sarah’s Scoop for turning me on to Kelly’s Korner)