The basil in my garden is doing well this year. The tomatoes are not. I decided if I wanted a supply of pasta and pizza sauce for the freezer, I’d need to switch my mindset from red to green.

I did some extensive snipping in the herb bed this morning, cutting out the plant tips to encourage new, bushy growth.

I lifted my garlic a month or so ago and have had it curing on an airy porch. I decided since I add garlic to just about everything I add basil too, I might as well process the two together and jar them for the freezer.

Basil, garlic, and a drizzle of olive oil blended into a beautiful, fragrant paste. I could have made full-out pesto, but this will give me a few more options for fall and winter use.

I often used to freeze my basil puree in ice-cube tray and pop them into freezer bags. That method works out well for adding bits of basil to soups and sauces. I opted to use glass jars this year, however. I am, for a variety of reasons, reducing the amount of plastic that comes into contact with my food.

I’m also a sucker for these uber-cute mason jars.

Label everything that goes into your freezer, seriously. I don’t, but really, save yourself the headaches!

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