I garden in raised beds constructed of a very classy mix of concrete blocks, salvaged bricks, and rock. For me, this rag-tag approach has had a lot of bonuses. I created my first garden in this manner when I was in my apartment, half of a duplex with a decent back yard. It was quick and easy to put together solo, required no special tools or equipment, and was easy to scoop up and reconstruct in the back yard of my first home. There are more attractive methods, but I rather like the look of the weathered concrete. Each of the blocks has two holes, about four inches square. I plant all manner of perennial herbs and other odds and ends in these spaces. There’s nothing like a burst of lavender or a trailing oregano to hide a few rough edges.

Here’s my master plan. Perennials and structures are roughed in. I’ll fill you in on whats being slotted into the spaces as the year progresses. Click to enlarge.