I’ve mentioned before that when I have an excess of sweet potatoes I cook them up and freeze the puree for later use. Usually this sweet potato mash gets eaten as a side dish, but for some time now, I’ve been wanting to experiment with sweet potato ravioli. My filled pastas are not going to win any awards for appearance. I’m sure Italian grandmas everywhere are shaking their heads in dismay, or would be if they weren’t so busy making perfect tortellini and whatnot. Looks aren’t everything however.

Rosemary and sweet potatoes are a match made in heaven. Add a few other spices and egg to sweet potato puree and you have a great filling for pasta. I topped mine with a simple white sauce. This one’s still in the experimental stages, so if you have a recipe or tips to share, let ‘er rip.

(Yes, I know the photo says ‘o9. This post has been in drafts for a while. Life happens.)