IMG_2711I imagine God will strike me down if I claim to have improved one of his greatest creations. For your sake, I’ll risk it. Ever notice that when people talk about becoming vegetarian they say they could, except for bacon. It always seems to bring ’em back.

Bacon, it’s the gateway meat.

I got a pound of the meaty, smoky goodness from Alderbrook farm in my last CSA basket. As I added a pinch of fresh rosemary to the apples I was cooking to top my apple pancakes, I thought about how much I like rosemary and pork together. A second trip to the garden yielded another fragrant stem. I stripped the needles and gave them a quick chop. Into my mortar they went with a few peppercorns. I pulled the bacon from the broiler and dusted it down with the pepper and herb mixture.

Holy moly.

Yup, I did the impossible. I upgraded bacon.