IMG_2424Pizza is one of those great catch-all dishes. I had a few odds and ends of produce left from my CSA basket as well as a half a pound of ground beefalo that was leftover from making meatballs. As I often find myself doing, I started chopping before knowing exactly what I was going to make. Red jalapenos, a green poblano, an orange bell, and a purple-skinned eggplant came off the cutting board in a coarsely chopped riot of color. I added a bit of oil to a heavy iron skillet and sauteed the vegetables. I set those aside while I browned the meat with  salt and pepper and a generous dose of ground cumin. Back in went the veggies, and I gave it a taste. Yum. You could mix this with rice and stuff it into peppers. It would make great tacos as well. Of course I was lacking both tortillas and the hour necessary to cook rice.

I had a batch of wheat pizza dough in the fridge (I always try to make it at least the day before for better flavor.) in anticipation of trying a sausage and shiitake pizza, so I pulled half of it out to make a  gordita-inspired crust. When I want a thin, crisp crust, I achieve that by sliding the prepared dough onto a pizza stone. Since I wanted a thicker, bread-like crust this time, I patted the dough into a small, oiled iron skillet and let it raise before baking. I pre-baked the crust before topping it with the meat and vegetable mixture and then sprinkled on grated raw milk cheddar cheese. After a trip back into the oven to get the cheese melty, dinner was ready.