If angels make sandwiches, this is the one they make. (Okay, and maybe this one.) This ABC (Apple Bacon Cheddar) is another showcase of ingredients from my October Basket-A-Month. I served it with sweet potato fries and a cold glass of milk from Seven Doves Creamery.

Apple Bacon Cheddar Sandwich
2 slices of multi-grain bread (I made an oat & wheat loaf.)
2 slices smoked bacon
1 oz raw milk cheddar cheese, sliced
1/4 of a medium apple, thinly sliced
4 lettuce leaves
1 tbsp mayo

In an iron skillet, fry bacon. Set aside. Pour excess grease from skillet, but don’t clean pan. Heat to medium-low. Put slices of bread in skillet side by side. On one slice layer bacon, cheese, and apple slices. Once bread is lightly toasted, turn off heat, Remove second slice of bread from skillet and slather the untoasted side with mayo. Add lettuce to first bread slice, covering the apples. Top with second slice of bread, mayo-side down. Cover skillet with plate and carefully invert the skillet to plate the sandwich.