Anyone else miss Whip It Up? I decided since I’m going to be posting my wok efforts until everyone is completely sick of them, I would create a new category…Wok it Up. So there you go, a plethora of White Girl Woking, just a click away.

Chinese green beans. I can take them or leave them, but my mom and brother, who were both dinner guests last weekend, love them. Kev brought a recipe, and I did my best with it. They didn’t rock our world, but the were pretty good. I think they could have used a little sweetness.

I got the beans from K Oriental.  I actually took in a printout of a picture from Tigers & Strawberries to help with selecting some Chinese pantry basics. “So many sauces. Why so many sauces? ” asked the woman who checked me out. “I’m learning.” I not sure she understood, but she was really nice.