Okay, I know I’m crazy, but when I saw this purple German hardneck garlic at the farmer’s  market, I just thought is was too pretty to pass up. The fact that I had just pulled, oh, 10 or so bulbs of garlic from the garden didn’t stop me from grabbing a bulb of this.

That garlic certainly called for something special to go into. The four huge bunches of greens I got in my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Basket seemed just the thing. At Jennie’s suggestion, I quizzed Julie on her greens cooking methodology. Yum!

Here’s Julie’s “recipe”…

Saute either salt pork, bacon ends, or even fatty ham.  Then I take out the pork while I saute some chopped up onion (a large onion) and garlic in the grease.   Next I add the pork back in and throw my chopped up greens on top to wilt them down a little before I add any liquid.  I pour a couple of boxes of chicken broth over it all and let it simmer for a while.  Oh, I add red pepper flakes, coarse salt, and a little black pepper for flavor.

Here’s my notes…

I was lucky enough to have bacon from my CSA as well, so in that went. And it smelled so good with the onion and garlic. I usually only have frozen, homemade stock on hand, and I only had a cup or two of that, but there seemed to be plenty of liquid to simmer. I think I let it cook about 30-45 minutes, based on other recipes I found. That gave me time to whip up some corn bread. These were certainly the best greens I’ve made.

(Haven’t quite mastered the new camera, but who doesn’t love to see pics?)