As they stand today, but subject to change tomorrow…

1. Don Diego Playboy
2. Troya
3. Swisher Sweets (nostalgia)

Compliments Received
1. “Your generosity can only be superceded by your intelligence and charm.”
2. “You are a true lady in a world full of floozy women.”
3. “When you come to Stephanie’s house, you feel like someone’s done something special for you.”

1. Nars powder blush (Orgasm)
2. Sephora check stain (Berry)
3. Stila lip glaze (Watermelon)

Drinks (Alcoholic)
1. Beer
2. Wine
3. Dirty vodka martini

Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)
1. Water
2. Dr. Pepper
3. Tea

Emails I Never Sent
1. “I always think it is a good idea to start anything lewd with a grammar reference, don’t you?”
2. “You act like I’m some paragon of sweetness and light. Well, I’m not.”
3. “Hell, I don’t know what you need….a swift kick in the ass?”

1. Chocolate
2. Homemade Pizza
3. Sushi

Memories of My Father
1. Singing “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.”
2. His private toast to his Dad every Christmas morning.
3. His eyes when he talks about the green dress my mother wore when she flew to Germany to meet him.

Memories of My Mother
1. Shooting Crown with me on my 24th Birthday.
2. Caring for my Grandmother with amazing compassion.
3. Cleaning, re-stuffing, and dressing my favorite baby doll, the one I slept with every night.

Search Terms that Lead to My Blog
1. “How I Met Your Mother” Bridesmaid T-Shirt
2. blinker broken taurus
3. stephanie is merely an illusion

Songs to Dance to (fast)
1. Bad Moon Rising/Fortunate Son (tie)
2. Brown-Eyed Girl
3. In the Mood

Songs to Sing in the Car
1. Natural Woman
2. Every Day is a Winding Road
3. José Cuervo

1. eerily
2. ambidextrous
3. narthex