1. Switching to a new blog kind of made me want to do another “100 Things” post, but my life is really not that interesting.
  2. I think I’ve been wearing heels too much lately. I felt off balance when I put on flats this morning.
  3. I watched The Rookie this weekend. Yeah, it’s old. I think I am preconditioned to like any movie that includes John Fogerty in the sound track. “Heaven only knows I don’t want to be just a fool passing through.”
  4. I think I have finally kissed the last remnants of a sore throat/cough goodbye. My officemates should be happy.
  5. One of my friends just got back from Texas. She found me some espazote!
  6. My hair is too long and too not blond. Must make an appointment soon so I can do fabulous big hair for Miss Priss’s wedding.
  7. I would be perfectly content wearing dresses every day, pasty white legs and all.
  8. I’ve been listening to a lot of country music lately due to a joint effort to win concert tickets for a coworker. I’m kind of digging Josh Turner. A deep voice and the guts to cover Croce works for me.
  9. I’ve been embracing all things Southern lately, this includes having a hardcore craving for the sweet tea an old friend of mine’s mom used to make. She would always have a jar in the fridge and even sent it on road trips with us.
  10. It pains me to say that I really like some of Chevy’s new commercials. Why did it take them so long to take advantage of American Pie? Better to use it for blatant commercialism than to hear it butchered by Madonna.
  11. I like car references in songs. “A girl, my lord, in a flat bed Ford,” is one favorite.
  12. I am really in the mood to go dancing. I’ve also been toying with the idea of taking ballroom dancing classes.
  13. I like songs that reference the color blue – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Blue Moon Nights. But not so much Blue Suede Shoes.
  14. When I have to make a hard decisions, especially ones that involves a moral quandary, I think of three things – What would I do if I were going to die tomorrow, what would I wish I had done if I was eighty years old and looking back, and what would my grandmother have done? Then I go with my gut. I used to just go with whatever I’d always been told was right. To me, this is progress.
  15. Old things have a character and warmth that new things just don’t have. I love using my grandmother’s iron skillet and my great-grandmother’s pie safe. In the words of Guy Clark, it’s Stuff that Works. I fear that we live in such a throw away society that future generations will miss out on that feeling of kinship with the past.
  16. Stranger than Fiction has what one of my all time favorite movie scenes in it. I’m a sucker for corny and baking supplies. I really enjoyed that movie.
  17. I’ve been thinking a lot about sin lately, although not in a morbid way. The thought that keeps reoccurring is that the greatest sin is a wasted life. If I’m honest, this is narcissism masquerading as spirituality.
  18. Seven is my lucky number.
  19. I found out recently that my mother made a wedding dress for one of my cousins around the time I was born. I felt kind of like I would have had I found out my father had walked another woman down the aisle.
  20. I enjoy methodical, repetitive activities. They calm me.